AXE Anarchy Island Getaway

Hey blogger and stranger~ how your day? I found something attracted me~ Hmm, guess what? Is a advertisement from nuffnang it's call "AXE Anarchy Island Getaway". Have you heared about this? I not really know what it is, but it's seem fun. It is for Malaysia or foreign country? But I still can shared their advertisement with who doesn't know about this news, and who are in single now. Okay, let me copy and paste what they had advertise. 

UPDATE: The deadline for blog post submission is being extended to 31 August 2012!

Calling all bros, huddle up! We’ve caught wind that AXE is organizing something Fay-tastic and it involves aCaribbeanisland retreat, International DJs, hot celebs and sexy single ladies, lots and lots of them!
After all the hype generated since the launch of AXE products, it seems that AXE is going all out to prove that their products do unlock dangerous levels of attraction. Picture this guys, chilling on the beach of a Caribbean island sipping on a custom-mixed cocktail while watching a bunch of bikini clad babes playing volleyball and listening to international tracks blasting away from a nearby DJ booth! Okay maybe that’s a little over the line but you get the general idea right? We’re not sure which island we’re talking about yet, but here’s a sneak peek:
Oh…and just a heads-up, if you’re lucky you might spot a bikini-clad Fay Hokulani on the beach too! She’s not there for you though, so please compose yourself. *smirk*

OKAAAAAY, please divert your ATTENTION back to the blog post! *WAVESSSS* Anyways, AXEhas reserved TWO (2) invites to the all-expense paid 4 Days 3 Nights trip, exclusively for you Nuffnangers! In addition, there will be 10 consolation prizes consisting of 1 year worth of AXE products worth RM200! All you have to do is:
Step 1: Create a blog post titled “AXE Anarchy Island Getaway” and showcase your best efforts at being suave/ charming to the opposite sex. Also let us know why you deserve to be sent to Anarchy Island!
Step 2: If you REALLY want to win, include a video submission showing us what the term “uncontrollable attraction” actually is. This would score you some extra points BIG TIME!
Step 3: Once you’re done with the post, submit the permalink in the form below.
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